Scale your business by automating it

Entrepreneurs — whether they’re RIAs, brokers or running startup companies in the finance vertical — are particularly adept at getting an idea of the ground.

They’re go-getters and the early success of these businesses is so much wrapped up into who the founder is.

Moving beyond a company’s founders and into the big leagues

But to get bigger (and I mean, really bigger), a company needs to move beyond trading time for money and really scale.

You can scale with resources: hiring more and more people to do more and more finite work.

That’s one way.

Another way is to take the resources you already have and make them more efficient.

There are so many easy-to-use tools, techniques, and technologies out there that can help us produce more and more valuable work throughout our days, weeks, and over the span of our careers.

Here are a few of articles I’ve written on scaling a business — they’re based on my experience growing my own business as well as many of the leading financial startups competing today.

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Building a business means getting out of its way and feeding it with growth fuel through automating many low-value activities. That means there’s more time and energy for you to think strategically, impacting your business at a much higher level.