New Years Resolution: 9 Resources to Nuke Your Sales and Get Clients to Say “Oh,Yes!”

My learning and experience building comes in spurts. Much like the stock market, my focus on my own business and that of my clients is kind of trend-driven.

Last year, I found myself focusing on lead generation for financial advisors and I’m pretty sure you’ll find me writing a lot more about marketing automation tools for financial advisors this year.

For 2013, I’m also focusing on sales technique: not the old-school, pushy broker but the more new school advisor that uses trust building to his advantage so that clients can’t help but open an account.

My favorite and most valuable resources to improve selling

(disclaimer: none of these resources are specifically focused on financial professionals but the techniques and tools can be easily applied)

1. B2B Lead Blog: This blog brings in some of the best analysis on lead generation from multiple writers and multiple industries. It’s part of the B2B Lead Roundtable Group on Linkedin.  It’s quite metric-driven and provides practical tools and methods to improve your sales funnel.

2. Bob Burg: You might have read Bob’s books which include The Go-Giver which deserves a place on the shelf of anyone who does any kind of sale. Burg is about relationship building, on giving generously and rapport building with clients and prospects. He uses a lot of real-world stories on his blog to help emphasize his powerful message.

3. Marketo: Market’s blog better be good — the marketing automation software company eats its own dog food and describes many of the techniques it uses to land new customers. Good blend of marketing and sales coaching goodness.

4. Matt on Marketing: Matt runs Heinz Marketing, a results-driven consultancy in Seattle. Matt’s blog provides tools, metrics, and how-to articles for anyone serious about getting more accurate and profitable with her sales activities.

5. SalesNexus Blog: This blog is used for content marketing purposes by SalesNexus, an up-and-coming sales and CRM system. This is a must-read resource that addresses the space where CRM-based marketing intersects the sales process.

6. Sandler Training Blog: Sandler is a sales training firm and the blog provides a lot of value in developing a sales mindset, setting sales strategy, and proper technique.

7.  Smart Selling Tools Blog: Nancy Nardin is a big thinker when it comes to sales and marketing productivity tools. Lot of benchmarking and reviews of sales tools here. Nancy helps readers navigate the many resources for selling.

8. Tele-Smart: Josiane Feigon is an pioneer in the Sales 2.o movement and has written a great book about inside sales. Much of her work is in the sweet spot for sales teams and the managers who head them. Good reading for financial organizations serious about the inside sales process.

9. Fill the Funnel: This blog’s tagline is Web Tools for Salesmakers, so you know where its focus is. Lots of industry-wide webinars, ebooks and other tools that we financial salespeople can put to immediate use.

So, you can see where my mind is. I always find it useful as a new year kicks off to take that energy and that focus that comes with new beginnings to chart a new path.

So, I’m working on sales technique and marketing automation to help grow financial businesses.

What are you working on this year?



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  • Miles Austin

    Hey Zack, thank for including Fill the Funnel on your list of selling resources. Love to talk some time to learn what tools are working best for you in your business.