Finetune your appointment setting strategy to bring in more prospects

Instead of wasting your time dialing for dollars, consider focusing someone on your team (or outsource) on appointment setting.

Appointment setting works like this:

  1. Compile a powerful lead list: Using many of the techniques I discuss on this blog regarding lead generation for financial advisors, you should have at any time a list of leads that need to be nurtured, people who need talking to. They’re looking for a solution to a problem (you need to figure out what problem) and you can provide guidance. So, bring ‘em in to the office. If you’re using marketing automation for investment professionals, your leads should be receptive for your call.
  2. Create an offer to reel ‘em in: Bringing someone in to meet with you should be about them, not you. WIFM (What’s in it for me?) should permeate your marketing and communication. Determine what benefit your prospect would expect to come in to meet (hint, it’s not to be sold). Maybe it’s a portfolio review but it’s got to favor your prospect in the help me vs. help you spectrum.
  3. Set up the appointment: With your list in hand, identify someone in your office or outsource appointment setting (you can see how many firms provide this service on Google) Having someone specialize on this task boosts productivity and speeds up the learning curve: let them get good at bringing people in while you, the advisor, focus on closing and relationship building. Oh, there’s an added benefit, too: the psychology of saying no to someone whose job is to make appointments works in your favor.

Measure the return on investment in appointment setting

Outsourced firms are getting really good at this process but you have to make sure the economics work in your favor. There’s a ramp up period where the outsourcer learns and incrementally improves at appointment setting for your specific business.

Sales Appointment Setter – Sample Model from Heinz Marketing Inc

Above, you’ll find a spreadsheet that measures outsourced appointment setting effectiveness. Of course, the warmer/better your list and the better a closer you are will influence this ROI calculation but it’s a good place to start.

How are you setting appointments — have you given it much thought? Let me know in the comments.


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