What they say about me

 Zack Miller is one of the top 3 content marketers in the financial business.  JOHN PRENDERGAST, BLUELEAF CEO
My firm is looking for a more structured marketing/branding plan for the long term.  So far, the newsletter shows a better understanding of my business and has offered clear, actionable steps to market my business than the handful of freelance PR people we have met with. MICHAEL KAPLAN, FOUR FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
I’ve already recommended Zack’s work to my friends and peers. SCOTT PAPE, THE BAREFOOT INVESTOR
Zack has the exact traits you want in a marketing leader: a deep understanding of investors, a creative experimental approach using both traditional and emerging tools and a strong analytical aptitude to make it all work together.  He’s a great resource to advisors interested in growing their practice. MAZIN JADALLAH, ALPHACLONE
Zack’s email is a must-read for anyone in Fintech. MICK WEINSTEIN, COVESTOR
BTW, the weekly emails just keep getting better and better. A must read for me… DIRK QUAYLE, LIKEASSETS

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